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Pan Berkshire Escalation Policy

Resolving Professional Disagreements about Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding children and promoting their welfare is a responsibility shared by all organisations which often requires collaboration.  This includes appropriate information sharing and working to multi-agency agreed decision/plans.  Occasionally situations arise when workers within one organisation may believe or consider that the actions, inactions or decisions of another do not adequately safeguard a child.  Disagreements are most likely to arise around;

  • decisions about levels of need or whether a child or family has met the threshold for a service
  • the roles and responsibilities of the different organisations involved
  • the actions or lack of action in progressing plans
  • the quantity or quality of communication between individuals and/or organisations.

Professionals in all agencies including schools have a duty to act proactively and assertively to ensure that a child's welfare is the paramount consideration.  The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) recognises that good practice will sometimes include constructive challenge between workers. Therefore, when a professional disagrees with the practice of another professional on the grounds of the child's welfare they should work with the colleague to first seek to understand the rationale for the decision.  However, if concern still exists for the child's safety and wellbeing the professional concerned should challenge the practice using this policy (Please see document below).

Please contact WSCB@wokingham.gov.uk for Wokingham Safeguarding Board Member details or telephone Sherrie Newell WSCB Board Manager on 0118 974 6726

Full Pan Berkshire LSCB Policy and procedures can be found at the link below:


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