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The WSCB's Levels of Need and Intervention Mandated Guidance and Matrix (Thresholds Document) was developed through a robust consultation process which has included discussions with local practitioners and managers. It also draws on best practice within other local authorities and national guidance.

The documents are issued and implemented for a period of live consultation. They do not yet replace the existing procedure Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children and Young People - A guide for Professionals (Levels of Need) procedure which can be found at the bottom of this page.

The documents are designed to enable anyone involved in supporting children to make judgements about a child’s level of need and risk in a fair and consistent manner, whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with statutory duties.

 WT 2013 para 17 requires that the LSCB should agree with the local authority and its partners the levels for the different types of assessment and services to be commissioned and delivered. Local authority children's social care has the responsibility for clarifying the process for referrals. WT 2013 para 18 requires that the LSCB should publish a threshold document setting out: 

  • the process for the early help assessment and the type and level of early help services to be provided.

  • the criteria, including the level of need, for when a case should be referred to local authority children's social care for assessment and for statutory services.

The Matrix is designed to act as a useful tool for professionals to help categorise a child’s needs and understand what the appropriate form of action to be taken is, depending on the level of need and risk. The Mandated Guidance sits alongside the Matrix to add context, refer to relevant legislation and guidance, and to add further information regarding assessment and types of services professionals may wish to use once they have decided which level the child’s needs fall within.

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